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Even If Everything Else You've Tried Has Failed...

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1st Place Winner of the 2020
International Book Award

"Health: Addiction & Recovery" Category

NABE Pinnacle Book
Achievement Award Winner 

"Self Help" Category

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One Addiction, One Cause, One Cure
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Dr. Marks Revolutionary 3-Step Process

Part 1. There's Only One Addiction - To overcome the addiction epidemic, the first thing we need to let go of is the idea that there are multiple addictions. The truth is there is only one.

If we continue to treat only the symptoms (addictive behavior), no one will ever be cured. The odds are stacked against you when you focus only on the symptoms. Advertisers are banking on the idea that you're not happy, and all you need to feel better is more drinks, more unhealthy food, more medication, more sex, and whatever other product they have to fill the gap you feel inside.

This is why high-functioning members of society find it easy to neglect their addictions and keep them hidden amongst a busy agenda and positive outward appearance. Until it's too late and they hit an emotional button that negatively impacts their marriage, careers, and friendships. 

Part 1 Covers the following topics: 
  • A Disease of Denial
  • The Diagnosis Delusion
  • The Treatment Trap
  • ​Why Treatment Fails
Part 2. The One Cause - The second step is to address your symptom’s underlying cause. Everyone who experiences long-term suffering does so because of unresolved grief from the past. Together, we will work through that unresolved pain, so it is no longer a driving force in self-destructive behavior. 

We're all born with a natural tendency towards happiness - to feel good in our own skin. It is the natural state of being human. Yet the fact of life is that trauma happens. Pain, sorrow, and loss happen. But no matter how brutal, awful, or intense the pain suffered, trauma itself does not cause the pain. Trauma unaddressed does.

Once you're able to recognize the root cause, you are ready for the cure.

Part 2 Covers the following topics: 
  • Where Addiction Starts
  • How The Hole Began
  • The Pain Template
  • ​Romantic Imprints
Part 3. The One Cure - The third step focuses on replacing your self-defeating behavior with self-love. You’ll be shown tools you haven’t previously learned, like how to feel rather than zoning out and how to express your authentic self with love and clarity.

People who love themselves don't want to self-destruct. When we understand this basic concept, addiction can be eradicated before it ever starts.

Part 3 Covers the following topics: 
  • Love Is The Only Cure
  • ​Choose Love Over Fear
  • ​The Three Steps Towards Love
  • ​Exit The Maze for Good

Patients Who Worked With Dr. Donna Marks Using The Exit The Maze Approach

Paula T.
"If it wasn't for Dr. Marks, I'd be dead. I am a product of prescription medication."
Steve B. -  Business Owner
"I realized I was always trying to fill this big empty hole in my gut with power, money, sex or religion. What I'm realizing  by doing this inner work is that the missing piece for me all along was self-love."
Alexis K. - Realtor
"Dr. Marks teaches you how to heal from the inside, face the trauma that caused you to want to do these drugs in the first place, heal it, and just love yourself. Through loving yourself you connect with others better."

Get your FREE copy of Exit the Maze: 
One Addiction, One Cause, One Cure  

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     At your convenience and in private, you can use this worksheet to help you identify where you are stuck. 
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Learn The Method I Developed From Working With  6,000 People.
You Too Can Drop Your Addiction And Just Walk Away From It. 

Addiction is like any other bad relationship and it’s not that hard to walk away when you see it for what it is and you learn the secret to success. You see, you only have one addiction, and solving one, means solving them all.

Just look at your life right now and imagine what it will be like when you look around you and see true friends, loved ones, and you are fulfilling your life’s purpose. You'll look back and wonder how you were ever addicted. All the pain is now replaced with you leading an exciting life rather than your addiction leading you to your demise.

- Dr, Donna Marks

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